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Yaka 30 Animal LF RFID Syringe

Compact, Reliable
Yaka 30 Animal LF RFID Syringe

The Yaka 30 is a LF syringe suite designed for animal identificaiton, a φ2.12x12mm glass tag has been inserted into the neddle and it can be injected into animal for long term application, tag chip and antenna is encapsuled by glass which ensures reliable and durable operation, the glass surface is covered by parylene which is biocompatible and ensure it doesn’t move under animal skin. The tag can be scanned even it is inside the animal due to its good performance. The syringe is designed user friendly for easier deployment, the neddle structure makes the animal less painful, and it has been sterilized for safety operation; it is the best choice for livestock,pet and other animal identification;

Features & Benifit

• Glass encapsulation and injection mounting ensures reliability and durability

• Compact and user frinedly industrial design enables easier operation

• Fully automated manufacturing process provides excellent and consistance performance

• Parylene ensures non-movement and animal safety

• Unique ICAR certificated tag can be applicable worldwide