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Terminator 50

Terminator 50

Terminator 50 is a rugged tag developed for industrial application, its special global frequency antenna enables good performance in global deployment. Terminator 50's chipset is specially packaged, and is welded onto the antenna, which is quite durable, benefit from this process, Terminator 50 can be resistance in impact, shock, vibration, and other industrial environment. This tag features an impressive 6 meters reading range on metal assets globally, it can be mounted on asset through multiple method like adhensive, epoxy, rivet and screw; is a good choice for rack, pallet, trolley, equipment and other industrial assets tracking;


▸ Slim size, quite fit for rack, pallet, trolley and other RTIs management

▸ Global frequency, applicable for global deployment

▸ Special protection on chipset and bonding process enable its industrial adaption

▸ Multiple mounting method including adhensive, screw, rivet, convinent for deployment

▸ Customized priting, laser etching or labeling on the surface

▸ High performance/price ratio, reduce the cost pressure for volume deployment


Material: FR4

Size: 79x20x3mm

Weight: 11g

Frequency: 866-928(Gobal)

Read range: Up to 6m on metal

Chipset: Impinj M4QT

Memory: EPC: 128bit      User: 512bit      TID: 64bit

Operation Temperature:  –40 to +85°C

Environment Temperature: -40 to +120°C

Protection: IP67

Shock and vibration: MIL STD 810-G

Mounting method: Screw,Rivet,Epoxy

Certification: Meet CE, ROHS requirement

Warrenty: 12months,advised application


RTI management

Rack management

Equipment tracking

Tooling tracking

Order information

Part no:TM500004T(Global)