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Product Brochure

Outstanding, Rugged, Diverse
Product Brochure

Crepak develop and produce industrial RFID Tags and Readers for general and harsh environment. Our passive RFID tags features smart structure, special polymer housing, excellent antenna design and up to IP68 protection, enables outstanding performance and durability, our portfolio of industrial tags are widely used in automotive, energy, logistic, IT, transportation and manufacturing for asset tracking, WIP management, supply chain tracking and MRO management; our standard product family including:

        ▸ eBolt UHF RFID Tag

        ▸ ePlate UHF RFID Tag

        ▸ eTie UHF RFID Tag

        ▸ Tumbler Rugged RFID Tag

        ▸ Saber Long Range RFID Tag

        ▸ Terminator practical RFID Tag

        ▸ Energon Universal RFID Label

        ▸ Optimus Superb UHF RFID Reader