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MRO Tracking

MRO Tracking

Maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) plays an invaluable role in assuring that companies remain safe, durable, and profitable.  Hence, processes must evolve to meet requirements. To improve processes and turnaround time, there is an immediate need to have mission critical data from which MRO actions can be planned. MRO company is able to deliver this mission critical data by using RFID technology


RFID technology serve as identity tags. Each piece of equipment and component carries its own individual lifetime tags with which it communicates with the company’s enterprise system. These tags simply need to be scanned by a handheld or mobile computing device in order to pull up their associated history files and maintenance records from the company’s enterprise systems. Once the tags are scanned, the maintenance technicians can carry out inspections and store details using their handheld device. All critical components – including date of manufacturers/suppliers for stock replenishment, part number, lots, locate tools, etc. – are recorded and integrated to increase confidence in the reliability of the supply chain. The data is transmitted over the available wireless network, updating the ERP systems with the latest MRO details.


RFID MRO solution also allows all vital statistics – date of manufacture, part number, hours in service, etc. – to be recorded on the RFID tags themselves. Any new data can be stored on these component RFID tags and accessed by the next MRO technician. This is useful in areas where the wireless infrastructure cannot be extended, since it allows technicians to review the component MRO status based on previous MRO inspections. Any changes are stored in the technician handheld device and relayed to the ERP as soon as the device connects to a wireless network. This system is called a ‘connected-disconnected’ system and is very useful for large maintenance facilities where it is difficult to extend the wireless network to cover the entire area of operations (e.g., a shipyard).

RFID MRO solution is a foundational technology on the path to achieving state of the art improvement visibility of information and assets throughout the supply chain. It delivers a smart supply chain MRO that you can be proud of.  As a fully integrated adaptive entity that leverages enabling technologies and advanced management information systems in order to automate routine functions, it achieves accurate and timely in-transit, in-storage, and in-repair asset visibility, with minimum human intervention. RFID solution delivers the data that will ensure better MRO work processes, timely maintenance, cost savings, and the quality of service over which your organization prides itself.


Benefits of RFID enabled MRO management

  • Decreased chance for parts to go missing or be stolen
  • Increased accuracy for record keeping
  • Reduced paperwork, human hours, and parts inventories
  • Easily traceable parts
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced legal risks
  • Improved search times for required parts, materials, or tools
  • Reduced cost of delays due to misplaced, missing, or counterfeit parts


  • Parts, materials, and tools location
  • Automatic identification of components
  • Document tracking
  • Storage of information electronically on the part/component
  • Advance shipping notifications and tracking of parts/components
  • Subcontractor management
  • MRO shop logistics management
  • MRO shop customer service management
  • Operator management

Crepak tag solution for MRO Tracking

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